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    First and third Sunday of the month.

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    10 Buangkok View, Singapore 539747
    Tel: 6389 2000 Fax: 6385 1050

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    For more information about PAT visits to this home, please contact:
    Home IC: Tan Hsiang Yue
    Email: hsiangyue@yahoo.com.sg



Institute of Mental Health (IMH)

The corporate tagline “Loving Hearts, Beautiful Minds” encapsulates the loving hearts of staff at IMH/WH that care for the patients at IMH. The compassion and loving hearts of the medical professionals, care givers, volunteers and admin staff who empathizes with patients’ mental illness and the ability to embrace their beautiful minds is our belief in providing affordable quality health care at all times.

IMH / WH is a 2,425- bed acute tertiary psychiatric hospital located in a sprawling 37-hectare campus in Buangkok View. Set in a serene environment and well designed landscape, IMH is equipped with modern facilities to look after its close to 1900 psychiatric inpatients.

IMH/WH offers a multi-faceted and comprehensive range of psychiatric services targeted to meet the special needs of three groups of people, namely, (i) Children & adolescents, (ii) Adults and (iii) the Elderly. For the treatment of more specific disorders, there are sub specialty clinics such as the Mood and Anxiety Clinic, Eating Disorders Clinic, Psychotherapy Clinic, Sleep Disorder Clinic and the Sexual Dysfunction Clinic.

Volunteers are a valued source of support and strength to the patients at our hospital. We value the visits, help and support of volunteers and visitors. Besides adding a bright ray of hope and sunshine to our patients’ daily lives as you bring them kindness through your loving hearts, you will find this an enriching and rewarding exercise adding meaning and fulfillment when you care for their beautiful minds.