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    Fourth Friday of the month.

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    7 Lorong Napiri, Singapore 547533
    Tel:  6387 7662 Fax: 6387 3357

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    For more information about TDS visits to this home, contact:
    Home IC: Patricia Tan
    Email: terpat@singnet.com.sg

MindSville @ Napiri

MINDSville@Napiri seeks to adopt a training and developmental model, focusing on acquisition of daily living skills and self-empowerment of persons with intellectual disability. We also aim to offer activities that address the physical, social, emotional and cognitive needs of our clients, supporting them in developing their potential and reintegration into their families and the community.

We provide the following residential programmes:

1.    Home For Adults With Intellectual Disability

This programme provides accommodation, care, supervision and rehabilitation for persons with intellectual disability, age 19 and above.

2.    Hostel/Group Home For Adults With Intellectual Disability
This programme runs a Hostel for individuals with intellectual disability, age 19 and above and who have low support needs. It is suitable for persons who are fairly competent in basic self-care activities and have potential to learn to travel independently.

The Group Home seeks to train persons with intellectual disability who have the potential to live independently in the community setting.

3.    Children’s Wing
This sector provides accommodation, care and protection to children with intellectual disability, aged between 6 to 18.

At MINDSville@Napiri, we also operate a community-based programme at the Training and Development Centre which is MINDS’ third Training and Development Centre. This is a day training programme which clients attend the centre from 9am to 4:30pm (only on weekdays) for training and after which they will return to their families. This programme aims to enhance trainees’ quality of life through development and maintenance of daily living skills and development of their potentials.