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    Third Friday of the month.

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    5 Sembawang Walk, Singapore 757717
    Tel: 6257 6117 Fax: 6754 8443

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    For more information about PAT visits to this home, please contact:
    Home IC: Joe Thang
    Email: joe.thang@gmail.com

Sunshine Welfare Action Mission Home (SWAMI Elderlink)

Sunshine Welfare Action Mission (SWAMI) is a home for the aged-sick, disabled and homeless. Its aim is to serve the elderly in our society, providing them with quality care and services, and ensuring their well-being. The residents enjoy quality of life by being as independent as possible. Interaction amongst the elderly is encouraged through games and callisthenic exercises to keep them active. As family involvement is very crucial for the morale of the residents of the residents, SWAMI provides many opportunities for building ties through Family Days and Monthly Birthday Celebrations.

SWAMI provides a variety of services, comprising the following:

–     Residential Care which provides high-level long term care for frail, sick or infirmed elderly. This includes Dementia Residential Care for the demented residents in the home.

–     Case Management Service (CMS) which assists the elderly and their families in accessing the necessary medical and social services, crucial for the improvement of their quality of life and well being.

–     Home Medical Care & Home Nursing which is provided to homebound individuals at their residence. The aim is to promote, maintain or restore the health of individuals and to maximize their level of independence.

–     Home Help Services that are designed to provide the elderly with a range of services in order to enable them to remain in the community.

–     Home Rehabilitation Service which offers rehabilitative therapy to homebound elderly who are frail or are suffering from stroke in their homes.

–     Day Rehabilitation Centre which helps to improve and maintain the maximum functional ability of the elderly

–     Dementia Day Care Centre which provides relief to the caregiver by looking after the demented elderly during the day.